Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Signs of Spring Mini-Rally May 12, 2018

Fresh off the Rock n' Ride rally, this event was set up as start anywhere, finish anywhere.  The theme was Springtime and included searching out flowers of various colors, garden centers, critter crossing signs and construction zone stuff along with other things devised by the twisted rally master.

Pre-rally has us locating a welcome to our town sign and taking a test picture with all the rally signage and us in the picture.

Naturally, I didn't read nor follow the complete instructions to add a flower to my rally placard.  The winning started there.  lol

Time spent searching out bonii and plotting the most advantageous routing to score high took the better part of the week allotted.  Since this was a start anywhere, all we had were generic bonus locations and it was up to us to find stuff that fit in our area.  The rally was set as a 10 hour scavenger hunt and I intended to fill the entire 10 hours since we could easily end our clock time at a local gas station with a receipt.  And enough with the words.  On to the pictures!

Where I left my placard^.  All photos from here on had to have my mug in them.

Did I mention it rained and got damn cold?  At about the halfway point, the steady rain began and temperatures fell to near freezing.  I won't admit it mentally, but I do believe I saw flurries at the coldest part of the day.  I had done plenty of scouting and didn't miss a single bonus I had on my list.  Too bad I left my placard at about the 6th bonus location and ended up losing a metric ton of points for that.  I still ended up placing decently for all my screw ups and had a great time playing.  Just wish I had scouted more bonus places near my ending point.  I ran out of bonus sites at the 8 hour point and called it a rally.  Yup, ran the table and still had plenty of time left, but nothing to photograph.  I'm not saying I was sorry to end because it felt really good to sit down in a warm restaurant and eat a hot meal before riding home.  LMAO!